This is Super Light Jigging

Super Light Jigging

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There are four Jig and Pitching Jig models in our proprietary &39;blended fibers&39; with Fuji Alconite guides and four in GLX with Recoil guides. I wouldn&39;t go below 10 lb FC line or 4 / MH power fast action rods using 1/4-1/2 oz jigs. The rod is super light and has a great action for this application. Forget slow pitch and go with Daiwa TG Bait. Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash SLJ S6300 (Super Light Jigging) Regular Price: 7,200 THB. . I agree that Shimano & Daiwa should have this down, Shimano has some reasonably priced Grappler rods, Daiwa is slowly getting out their version at under 0, and Temple Reef is supposed to be coming out with an economy priced version. What is jigging in fishing?

Light hooks touch lighter and slower the bottom and is more difficult to snag. I use Okuma Avengers 35 and 8 6 Gander spinning rods. Go even ligher with 100g jig if you have 603-2 rod. · I was in the market for a 1-3oz popping rod and spent a lot of time online looking at Major Craft.

When snappers, AJ’s and groupers get in the game! I would like to write about SUPER LIGHT JIGGING. We often aim to the shallow area during SUPER LIGHT JIGGING. Just wondering why that is. 10 Best Jigging Rods – Reviews And Comparisons: Name Size Action Rosewood 6ft 4in 2pc Slow Jigging Rod 1 Medium Fiblink Graphite 2pc Jigging Rod 1 Medium-Fast Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod 4 Medium-Heavy Penn Rampage Jigging Rod 3 Medium 6 more rows. · This jigging rod feels light and sensitive yet has the strength to withstand the aggressive fighting walleye. great for bottom fishing and yoyo jigging.

I tied braided line and the leader with FG knot. Heavy hooks also affect the action on the jig negatively and do not allow it to expose its real value. This is the only acceptable point of shore jigging lovers, where they can “enjoy” a long fight with pelagic species! Go slower with 260g Gawky or Cranky. Rods: This is where the real fun of micro-jigging lies for me, with specialist rods being super light and bendy, yet offering surprising structural strength and power.

When lightweight and sensitivity really matters, we recommend GLX! These rods have a super lifting and tension adjusting set of fibers to make these rods a "MUST". One thing I noticed in my prior research tho, is that companies like shimano, daiwa, abu Garcia and rapalla make micro jigging rods, but don’t send them to the US. Use thinner leader, 6 instead of your normal 10. Generally these rods are about two metres in length and strictly in spin-fishing configurations – so far, anyway. 041 D, Gamakstsu 114, that is a light hook so my jigs are finesse jigs!

· You’ve got the latest and greatest light jigging rod in the market and a spanking new, tough as nails reel loaded with double-digit bearings. It helps jig to move more naturally, especially with a light jig. We will aim to those by the Metal Jig at that timing. item 3 Major Craft N-ONE SSJ Super Light Shore Jigging NSS-902-SSJ Spinning Rod - Major Craft N-ONE SSJ Super Light Shore Jigging NSS-902-SSJ Spinning Rod 9. This lure is typically made of rubber, but they can also be embellished with other materials such as feathers. My name Dill, I’m from Malaysia. Specifications: Weight: 5. Blackfish is a 2-edged sword.

In the bottom of the water, it is super dark so a bright fish that looks like an injured animal they could have for dinner is sure to grab their attention. Malaysia have a lot of jigging feild. See more results. Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CDT (GMT-6). Considered this my 7/16 oz jig has 5/0 hook wire. That does not necessarily use a thick leader at shallow area. Many new fishermen may want to know how jigs attract fish,. You&39;ll discover there&39;s a world of difference!

The weedguards are epoxied in place, parallel to the hook to ensure the jig will not roll. . In strong currents and deep water, lighter rods and line with heavier jigs give you more control. Now add the new reels with 6+ GEAR RATIOS on a light weight and super strong reel body that holdsfeet of the new non-stretch line.

Swim jigs are available in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce. Put on a smaller profile jig like Gawky. Home of the Super Jigs™ 128 County Road 108 Jonesboro, AR. one reason why I paired it with my ever reliable Baja special!

Cross-wrapped carbon fiber fabric-cuts weight while keeping the quality high. · Tackle is very important to using Moonshine Jigging spoons as well. The lure assessment process is not always that simple either, as all lures are different.

and also a lot of species like amberjack, travallies, snapper, groupper and many more. 042D for example, is that light hook? You’ve even loaded up your jig bag with proven branded jigs endorsed by the jigging pros but you’re still not getting those biggies from jigging.

What is micro jigging for snapper? The Jigging World Tide Master Surf Spinning Rod is super light in weight, however extremely powerful and able to cast well over the bar. makes the difference. If you’re targeting a specific species, the size of your hooks and even the length of the assist cord makes a huge difference. Vertical Jigging Lures -See all 8. Also heavy hooks while jigging, they tend to hit hard the jig and damage its finish and color.

It’s built with the graphite rod blanks and aluminum oxide guides so the fishing line flows excellently for a smooth feel. Naturally, bust offs (break offs) are commonly associated with shallow areas. ACC makes a rear seat version. · The best part about light-tackle slow-style jigging is that since everything is downsized, the tackle used is lighter and therefore makes it very easy and relaxing to jig all day. It&39;s lightweight at 5. Get your camp Super Z Jig hat before hunting season. The new parabolic rod measure in the 5 to 6 foot size. ultralight iggng light shore jigging rod micro jigging combo ultra light shore jigging best micro jigging rod.

I wasn’t sure which section of your website to post this so I This is Super Light Jigging chose here! I use the Metal Jig which weight is 20g to 80g. I tend to use the fast jig method & a slower action rod simply doesn&39;t impart a lot of action on the jig because most of the jigging action is being absorbed by the rod. last but not the least, very light! The same great 11′ jigging rod with amazing backbone and super sensitivity now has.

very strong rod and yet very sensitive. Plus it&39;s green with Winn grips, which makes it comfortable to hold and looks cool. — Will talk about it later Successful slow pitch jigging is a balancing act, where the right rod, reel, jig, and line class changes day by day. A nice woodland camo with a black mesh back perfect for hunting and fishing! This grip is all new to the Crappie world and you will love the feel of it in your hand on those long days. High grade carbon fiber.

it has a covered alum gimbal, I love the shape of the the foregrip (similar to shimano terez) and a bonus alconite tip top. · I have an 11&39; ACC crappie stix JIGGING rod mid seat that I really like. Super Duper Lure Kits Super Vibrax Tri-Pack. Jigging is a type of fishing that uses a specific kind of lure, which is called a jig. 5 light-tackle rod from This is Super Light Jigging 28m of water. Our swim jigs all come with a grub keeper molded in to the jig and each jig is hand tied.

This is Super Light Jigging ムック・その他の通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「ヨドバシ. So fast to extra fast action is what I prefer for fluke - both in the bays & the ocean. Light Speed Jig Kit. This a rubbery, tacky feeling grip that will not slip when hot, wet, cold or dry. this is the world of slow. What is successful slow pitch jigging? · Successful slow pitch jigging is a balancing. Basically, the threeline grunt isn’t a fish eater, but those will change to fish eater while many sardine staying at the same place.

----- i hope you enjoy my video. Main target is a threeline grunt. Same of course goes for the micro shore jigging where the super light nature of all gear, demand a very good performance of the drags with minimum pressure!

Ultra light for hours of jigging without fatigue and all the drag you would need unless you&39;re targeting big game. Like the previous bluewater carnage jigging rods, this rod seems to be much more well-constructed than the Shimano Terez, especially since its guides are coated and dont rust away like those on the Terez. I ended up with a Giant Killing 7&39;4" Buri. 🐟 🦌 🏹 superzjigs bassfishing fishing jigfishing tournamentfishing jigs flippingjigs footballhead swimjig rippinlips fishinglife lures spring lures smallmouth largemouth. paired this with my penn Baja special.

GooFish 6&39;6" Size Orange Light Micro Ultralight Offshore Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Pole with FUJI Setting Solid Nano Tech Blank for This is Super Light Jigging Shallower Coastal Water Jig 20-100g light micro offshore jigging rods light jigging light shore jigging. Some techniques are relatively easy to master, such as inchiku and kabura jigging, while others are harder to get the hang of, such as mechanical-jigging for kingfish, egi-ing for squid and now slow-pitch jigging. The rod is super strong and light and has an excellent foregrip. The Rosewood is This is Super Light Jigging a light-weight carbon fiber bar that offers a moderate activity and delicate feel for both jigging and throwing applications. So, no experience (yet) but from what I can tell scouring the internet and watching videos during the search, I agree their jigging rods are definitely geared towards light jigging. Heavier sizes are available in our Custom Jig Section. “SUPER LIGHT JIGGING has become firmly established in Japanese fishing.

The bar is worked with the split grasp plan that leaves the butt area of the clear uncovered for better feel. , very sensitive (much more than my Sam Super sensitive) and has plenty of back bone for slinging the big&39;uns into the boat. Even if so, they release their grip easier. 5/16 oz jig with 3/0 hook wire diameter. Add to Cart-20%: Pioneer PT ANGLERS JIG BC6&39;0-601 PE0. · What is considered a light jig hook? Tackle Source brings you offshore once again with the giants of the Ultra Light Jigging rod world - by Major Craft. an all new super grip.

Samuel jigged up this hefty Grouper with a 60g Storm Koika jig and a PE0. What is the best type of jigging rod? Special Price 6,480 THB. With braided line you can feel everything.

I use the rod for vertical jigging walleye on the Detroit River. . The target is the elusive Diamond Trevall. Micro-jigging for snapper is all about the fall of the lure and slowing actions down to get the bite. Ive tried many different types of big name jigging rods and this one is definitely going to be my main rod! The fish that these are made to attract do not like light so the brighter the jig the easier it is to attract the surrounding fish. Search in titles only Search in Alaska Saltwater Fishing only.

Quick View Rap-V Blade . I was very pleased with the performance of the rod. home of light jigging.

This is Super Light Jigging

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